Blue loves Snoopy

Blue Loves Snoopy

For this shot we had everything all set up; the camera, tripod, spray paint, and mask. Mike was ready with treats to coax Blue into position. But before Mike could even get to the spot, Blue walked up to the mask, picked it up, and looked right at the camera. We got the shot for the stamp with the 1st click. That never happens.

Blue was on our stamp this year. One of her heroes is of course Snoopy. In last year’s cards, she was kissing baby Jesus from atop Snoopy’s dog house.

Tenna eventually reworked this image and submitted it to the Professional Photographer’s of America District Competition, the International Photographic Competition and the Indiana State Fair. It scored above average at all 3 competitions. She titled it Guilty Graffiti Bitch, to add some humor and shock value. Below is that version of the image.

Guilty Graffiti Bitch

Guilty Graffiti Bitch

Below are links to the pages that explain & demonstrate the different aspects of our 2013 Christmas card.

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