In Memoriam & Starting Over

Pamela & the boyPamela, our family photographer & Tenna’s photography mentor joined the angels this past spring. Her photography & artwork were amazing. She was a crazy, larger than life friend that we all miss.

This is my (Tenna’s) 1st year following in her lofty footsteps. My work isn’t perfect, but it is inspired, tells a story, and we all had fun.

I learned so much from Pamela about Photoshop, editing, and creating beautiful artwork. I still use much of what she taught me today.

I’ve loved the amazing cards Pamela created over the years. So did everyone else.

The stress on me and our family that came with those gorgeous cards however, I did not like. The crazy disorganized shoots, that took forever. There were the intense, perfectionist demands on all of us, including the kids. The last minutes emergencies where we had to drop everything to get her something immediately! And our cards going out sometimes as late as December 23rd.

Pamela, I wish you were here to coach me through my maiden voyage as the captain of our Christmas card. But I know you. If you were here, you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off. So maybe you’re whispering in my ear from heaven, “that’s not the right shade of blue, add a little pink and see what happens.” I can picture you directing sunrise angels, “We need more gold over here! This cloud edge should be darker, it needs contrast. No, that’s too much, it won’t look real!”

It’s my prayer that God blesses me with even a fraction of your talent, but that he lets you take the self-destructive traits that took you away from us with you.

You were  a brilliant, dramatic, sparkling piece of our lives for several years. I doubt our Christmas cards will ever be as glorious as they were when you were manning the helm.

But they will definitely be much less stressful, hopefully they will be more us.

God bless Pamela, we love you. Now you are finally with the angels that you loved to paint so much.

BTW, when I finally meet up with you in heaven, right after I give you the tightest hug ever, I’m giving you a piece of my mind for leaving us!

Below are links to the pages that explain & demonstrate the different aspects of our 2013 Christmas card.


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam & Starting Over

  1. Joanne Cross

    what a wonderful tribute to your friend—–loved your card this year—I always save yours from year to tear–see you in October–Love Joanne


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