The Process Behind our Cards

People always express interest in how our cards are created. What is real, and what was added. So we decided to include the short videos and pictures answering that question. While it would be really fun to spray paint the minivan to look like the TMNT van, we’d probably have a professional do the job if that were our goal.

The only downside to the videos is they make it look like each image only took a few moments because we didn’t want to bore you with all the details. But of course, the Photoshop post production took quite a bit of time. Sometimes the ability to zoom in and magnify areas that no one but the photographer will ever see is more of a burden than a blessing. But even with Tenna’s obsessive tendencies, the 1st cards were in the mail 14 days after the 1st image (I.U. Barn Graffiti) was captured.

The actual photo shoots were very short. Everything was planned out. We all knew what story we wanted to tell. We purchased all the props ahead of time, the hoodies, masks and spray paint. We scouted locations for two weeks. There were lots of places that could have worked, but we were concerned about getting arrested because we would appear to be getting ready to vandalize a building.

When it came time to shoot, we knew our rolls, we got in position, and took the shots. There were a total of 8 shoots, the shortest was probably 5 minutes, and the longest about 20.

The only problem is, now Asher wants to really spray paint the mini van Pokemon, which is his latest interest. I’ll let him tell Mike.

Below are links to the pages that explain & demonstrate the different aspects of our 2013 Christmas card.


4 thoughts on “The Process Behind our Cards

  1. Kara

    What a creative idea to send out Christmas cards in June! The graffiti images on the card were awesome in and of themselves, but it was really cool to be able to come to the website and see how each image was created. Thanks for sharing, Tenna!!!

    1. TennaMe Post author


      Thank you. It was very fun. I’m so glad you liked it. Looking forward to seeing you this week!

  2. Jo Ann Sporleder

    Tenna, Mike, Clay and Asher,

    You out did yourselves. This is so creative and beautiful.

    I miss talking with you, Tenna. Hard to believe it has been your 13 or so years since we saw each other every day at work. I love getting your Christmas cards each year, it is a way to see how your boys have grown.

    Have a great summer.

    Jo Ann

    1. TennaMe Post author

      Jo Ann,

      So glad you liked it! Wow, can’t believe it’s been 13 years. I also enjoy getting your card. I’ll give you a ring for lunch.



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