Christmas Card 2014

The inspiration for our Christmas card this year came from many places. Similar to last year, we wanted our card to reflect our personalities and lives.

The boys at Pebble Beach

The boys at Pebble Beach.

Portrait of Mike Merchent

Mike’s dramatic portrait inspired by one of the movie posters from Thor.

Tenna's Self Portrait

Tenna’s self portrait, inspired by the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia.

Clay Merchent, Junior Golfer

Clay Merchent, junior golfer in the tunnel that is painted by the Isleworth campers every summer.

Asher playing a video game

Asher Merchent, Bullet Bill from Mario Attacks

Family protecting the universe

Back panel: The family & Charming Blue

Blue our Australian Shepard & fifth family member

Blue the Australian Shepard, and our fifth family member.

The outside envelope graphic elements.

Our 2014 Christmas card stamp

Santa delivers a Christmas tree to Purgatory Golf Club

Return Address Label - Square Corners

The boys & Blue

The boys with our baby Blue the year we adopted her

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