Christmas Card 2013

This is the behind the scenes tour of our 2013 Christmas card, that yes, came out in June, gasp!

We normally send our Christmas card out in December like everybody else. But December is usually pretty busy, much busier than June. So we decided we’d create our card in the summer, when we weren’t so busy.

Once we had our graffiti theme, we wanted to start on it right away. Then when we had it finished, we wanted to share it! Hopefully everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

Mike and Clay as I.U. sprayers.

Asher & his Ninja Turtle Van></a></p>
<p>Asher and his <a href=Ninja Turtle inspired mini van.

Clay sprays the back of the house with the Purgatory Golf Club logo.

Tenna paints Mike’s hummer pink.

Asher and his posse spray the neighbor’s wall.

Mike gets revenge by spray painting a golf course theme on the minivan.

Blue sprays Snoopy on the garage door

Our stamp this year was our beloved Australian Shepard Blue, spraying Snoopy’s dog house onto our garage door.

Below are some additional links to the pages that explain some other aspects of our 2013 Christmas card.

Outside of the cardInside of the card

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