I.U. Graffiti

Classic Indiana. An old barn, a basketball hoop, and a couple of guys spray painting I.U. graffiti all over the place.

A big thank you to Greg, Megan, Garrett and Grace Wiles for helping with this shoot, and letting us use your wonderful barn. This brief (32 second) video will show you how I pulled together the  graphic elements that come together to make this image.

This is the 1st image we shot. The barn is on my step-sister’s property, and it was just perfect. They offered to put a net on the basketball hoop, and I said, “No, it’s soooo Indiana!”We shot it in the middle of the day, which breaks all the photography rules, and yes, both Mike and Clay have loaded cans of spray paint. What was I thinking?!

Mike got Clay 1st

You can see here where Mike shot Clay with the spray paint.

Of course the two of them ended up getting into a spray paint fight. It was one of the most fun photo shoots we’ve ever done. From start to finish at most it took 20 minutes.

The I.U. logo is from Assembly Hall. If you stand in the center of the court, and look up, it is right above you. I layered it in so it appears to be spray painted on the barn.

The basketball is an actual I.U. basketball that was being passed during one of the games.

Below are links to the pages that explain & demonstrate the different aspects of our 2013 Christmas card.




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