Boys in Front of the 18th hole at Pebble Beach

Mike's iPhone image of the shoot

Behind the scenes iPhone shot

Here is a behind the scenes shot Mike took with his iPhone. It looks really bright outside, which it wasn’t because the sun had just gone down. The clouds are all blown out, meaning there is no detail in them because his phone is trying to get a good exposure for the whole scene. Luckily, since I had my lighting gear, tiny as it was,  I was able to underexpose the sky, so you could see the detail in the clouds, yet properly expose the boys.

This is the jpeg right out of the camera with no changes

This is the jpg right out of the camera with no changes

The boys at Pebble Beach

Final image taken with my big camera and minor adjustments made in Photoshop

We were at Pebble Beach for a golf tournament in November, so I lugged some extra camera gear along to attempt to get a good shot of the boys at dusk. They are right outside our room with the 18th hole in the background, the sun was just below the horizon behind Asher.

They boys weren’t thrilled about getting pulled away from their activities, so I was trying, as usual, to get something quickly. Finally I had the idea to put them at ease, Clay with a golf club, and Asher with a video game. Luckily this was the shot, and the only one out of the bunch that was worth it.

I love it because it really captures them, and thankfully, the boys like it too.

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