Stamps, address labels, stickers

The outside Envelope items

The Stamp

Our 2014 Christmas card stamp

Santa delivers a Christmas tree to Purgatory Golf Club

For several years now we have used a custom stamp for our Christmas card. I thought what better than the photo I tortured Mike with last year At Purgatory Golf Club. I made him buy a real tree, tie it to a golf cart, dress up as Santa, and pose for me. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

The thing I didn’t do well is realize how small the stamp was going to be and that you’d barely be able to see Santa. Chalk that up to experience, next time I’ll print a proof.

Address labels

Sometimes more isn’t better, it’s just more. This year the photography labs have added a couple of new items, and we photographers get sooooo excited when there is something new, and of course we buy it.

This year one of the labs I use added address labels that you can customize with your own background image, change the fonts, lots of fun stuff.

Return Address Label - Square Corners

Pebble Beach’s 18th green

I used a similar picture to the one of the boys over looking the 18th green at Pebble Beach.


But they also had new stickers, oh how exciting!

I selected an image of the boys in Santa hats & Blue that I took 3 years ago shortly after we adopted her. But you put all 3 graphic elements, the stamp, return address, and sticker on one 5″ X 5″ Christmas card, and it’s just well, gross, too much, over the top even for me.

So I limited each card to 2 exterior graphic elements, which means some of you received the return address label and no sticker of the boys, and some the sticker of the boys and a hand written return address. Whew, I’ll think that through more carefully next year!

The boys & Blue

The boys with our baby Blue the year we adopted her


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